Managing Director joins Australian Ice Racing Board

By: Editor

After meeting with current and former board members of Australian Ice Racing (AIR), Micheal Martin FAICD, was pleased to accept an invitation to join the Board of the national sporting body.

It is the goal of Australian Ice Racing to improve participation rates at the grass roots level, support athlete development and to grow our international results to a level that will encourage continued support from our strategic partnerships. Australian Ice Racing is a leader for speed skating in the Asia-Pacific and Oceania regions and will take a leadership and mentoring position to assist in development of our sport, not only in Australia but within the entire region.

Micheal brings his broad range of experience in Governance, Risk and the development of Strategy to the board and is keen to learn more about the sport itself. With state affiliates across the country there are opportunities to watch or try ice racing most weeks of the year.

Andy Jung (2nd place – Australia) photo by Martin Holtham

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