What are proven safety solutions?

We took the approach that we wanted to be the group known for being practical and helping both workers and their employers achieve outcomes for the benefit of all. This sounds like a line but when solutions are proven, people get on with the job. We all do better as a result!

Our experience has shown time and time again that proven safety solutions are what most organisations are looking for, so that is what we focus on. So, no pun intended, with Proven Safety Solutions you get the expected outcome and increased consistency as a result.

Our Top 10 Proven Safety Solutions

Proven safety solutions are evidence-based practices that have been shown to effectively reduce workplace hazards and improve safety outcomes. Some of these solutions include:

  • Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS)

    This solution focuses on identifying and reinforcing safe behaviours while discouraging unsafe ones. Training in BBS is common across all management levels.

    • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

    An SMS is a systematic approach to managing safety, including organisational structures, accountabilities, policies, and procedures. Training in SMS is crucial for middle and top management.

    • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

    ERM frameworks help organisations manage risks systematically, ensuring that safety risks are identified, assessed, and mitigated at all levels.

    • Near-Miss Reporting Systems

    Encouraging the reporting of near-misses helps organisations identify potential hazards before they result in incidents. Training on the importance of near-miss reporting is essential for supervisors and managers.

    • Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis

    This solution involves training on how to conduct thorough investigations and identify the underlying causes of incidents, which helps in preventing future occurrences.

    • Safety Audits and Inspections

    Regular audits and inspections are proven methods for identifying hazards and ensuring compliance with safety standards. Training on how to conduct effective audits is provided to middle managers and executives.

    • Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Developing and practicing emergency response plans is a proven way to ensure readiness in the event of an incident. Training on emergency preparedness is crucial for all levels of management.

    • Ergonomic Assessments

    Conducting ergonomic assessments can help prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Training on how to perform these assessments is provided to supervisors and managers.

    • Safety Leadership Training

    Specialised training programs focused on developing leadership skills that promote safety are crucial for all management levels.

    • Technology Solutions

    Implementing technologies such as safety management software, wearable safety devices, and real-time monitoring systems can significantly enhance workplace safety. Training on the use of these technologies is provided to relevant personnel.

    If you are looking to improve the consistency of your processes to minimise the risk of harm or disruption to day-to-day process, then a proven safety solution may be what you need.

    If you have any specific aspects, you’d like more information on or if you have further questions, reach out by Clicking Here!

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