Finally, a genuine On-The-Job Safety Leadership course!

Have you been looking for a genuine, real world safety leadership course for your leaders? Our team brings together many years of experience to support business leaders to ensure their organisation performs safely and efficiently.

Our highly experienced workplace health and safety consultants have held key roles, including Head of Safety and Company Director, and share their expertise with you. Building upon our industry experience, the team at Proven Safety Solutions are up-to-date through interactions with industry leaders and iconic companies.

We share an ethos of proactive risk management, and work with industry leaders to encourage the adoption of Safety as a way engaging people and simplifying safety in everyday activity.

“At the end of the Proven Safety Skills program your leaders have earned the right to be called Proven!”

Micheal Martin FAICD, Managing Director

Photo: Micheal Martin FAICD with Senior Managers and Directors

Our on-the-job Proven Safety Skills program includes the following key sessions:


  • Understand the requirements for effective Participation and Consultation as outlined in ISO 45001:2018.
  • Identify opportunities for Participation and develop a plan to consult within the organisation.
  • Manage issues arising from Participation and Consultation.
  • Workshop, completed in 120 Minutes
  • See our online session here.

Risk Management

  • Understand the requirements for effective risk management under Australian Law.
  • Work with various tools to make risk management an everyday process within the organisation.
  • Respond and revise controls as circumstances change.
  • Workshop, completed in 120 Minutes 
  • See our online session here.


  • Understand the obligations of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU).
  • Understand the role of an inspector, HSR and a union representative.
  • Discuss the rights of a PCBU when a notice is issued.
  • Workshop, completed in 60 Minutes
  • See our online session here.


  • Discuss the various methods to confirm the performance of your management system.
  • Establish a process to identify the Root Cause of an incident.
  • Interpret and manage findings that are raised during the investigation or verification process. 
  • Workshop, completed in 120 Minutes
  • See our online session here.


  • Understand the key elements of positive engagement.
  • Develop communication skills and techniques to support high engagement.
  • Discuss methods used to monitor and improve engagement.
  • Workshop, completed in 120 Minutes
  • See our online session here.


  • Develop organisational and personal objectives to get to your destination.
  • Analyse and respond to key performance indicators along your journey.
  • Communicate and celebrate the key or notable events along the way.
  • Workshop, completed in 90 Minutes
  • See our online session here.

Empower your people to lead with confidence. As a Safety Professional move on to other more strategic work.

Discuss your needs with our team.

Contact us today to arrange your tailored session onsite. If you have any specific aspects, you’d like more information on or if you have further questions, reach out by clicking here!

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