Why Safety Management Systems are important for Organisations.

A safety management system offers a blueprint to any organisation for maintaining an on-site and online safety culture for its employees, customers and stakeholders. With an effective safety management system, your organisation will be able to determine risks, avoid accidents, create pre-emptive recovery strategies and assure compliance with local regulations. 

Key Elements of Safety Management System 

A well-designed safety management system equips organisations with the ability to offer safe products through a secure method. This is why, some of the core operational elements of a safety management system include:

  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Policy Maintenance 
  • Safety Assurance 
  • Role and Responsibility Division
  • Legal Compliance
  • Operational Planning and Management 
  • Progressive Improvement 

Implementing a safety management system in your organisation offers several benefits.

With an automated safety management system software installation, your organisation will be at the top of its game, measuring the success of its products and methodology, all the while guaranteeing safety for employees and customers.

3 Benefits of a Safety Management System 

With its automation and efficiency, a safety management system (SMS) offers several benefits to your organisation. Some of these benefits include: 

Legal Compliance

According to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 by the Queensland Government, business owners or companies are responsible for ensuring occupational health and safety protection for employees, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, trainees, students, apprentices, employers conducting tasks and the general public. 

This act also places several legal regulations and requisites upon organisations such as reducing risks at work. To ensure that all the specific legal requirements are met, it is essential to implement a safety management system. Not only does the system assure compliance, it also promotes local law compliance, thereby eliminating any chances of lawsuits. 

Time-Efficient Automated Documentation 

Ensuring occupational health and safety includes several other aspects such as detailed paperwork on safety audits, assessments, reporting, etc. With a safety management system installed, the software digitises the paperwork, making it easy to access and time efficient. 

In addition, a safety management system also saves the hassle and tediousness of dealing with paper-back files. With reports accessible in digital format, there is no need for paper-based files. As a result, organising these files and data also becomes easier. 

Cost-Efficient Risk Reduction and Management 

Another core benefit of a safety management system is that it enables your company to save a ton of money. Firstly, a safety management system prevents injuries or accidents from occurring at work, helping you save costs. Secondly, with these risks reduced, your company is safe from bearing hefty costs of lawsuits or insurance, which saves you a ton of money in the long-run.

Thirdly, a safety management system streamlines the safety process in terms of management and administration. This is because the process of safety management includes documentation, paperwork handling, scanning, printing, sorting, etc. With software automating these steps, managing safety in your organisation becomes a lot more cost-efficient as it gives employees more time to be productive. 

While these are some of the main benefits of a safety management system, it is important to remember that a SMS also leads to improved productivity at work as they feel safer, cared for, valued and important. This improves employee confidence in working at your organisation, making them feel motivated, which boosts their productivity. 

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