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Most organisations already know the benefits of measuring the Operational Key Indicators (OKR) within their organisation to ensure they meet their objectives. Unfortunately the spreadsheet is still the method of choice for many.

Making use of software has been a challenge in a changing environment as the time to create or modify the OKR can often be more costly than the benefit attained. This is no longer the case.

The ability to create user friendly, up-to-the-minute, results must be one of the key reasons to purchase software in the current evolving circumstances. If you are a risk manager, and lets face it who isn’t these days, then you want a real time tool that will take the uncertainty away fo your team.

Meeting my Key Indicators Effectively

The short video below is demonstrates a One Page Scorecard which has the key features that any business unit manager can rely upon to meet their objectives. Simple and totally flexible the page is tailored for the manager.

At the team leader level within a business unit, the ability to see and respond to specific issues for that team is incredibly powerful. Team leaders can see, on one page, exactly what they need to do to keep on track. The list of items opens so the user can work their way through each item to bring the team back on course.

Keeping on top of my Task list

My Tasks, in the video below, is a simple approach, which is often the best approach!

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