Why is ICAM a valuable method of investigation?

icam investigation

ICAM (Incident Cause Analysis Method) is a structured and systematic investigation approach used to understand the root causes of incidents and accidents in various industries, such as aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, and oil and gas. The advantages of conducting an ICAM investigation include:

Systematic approach

ICAM provides a structured methodology for conducting investigations, ensuring that all relevant aspects of the incident are thoroughly examined. This reduces the chances of overlooking critical details and helps in identifying underlying causes accurately.

Comprehensive analysis

ICAM investigations go beyond identifying immediate causes and focus on finding the deeper underlying causes that contributed to the incident. This approach helps prevent recurrence by addressing systemic issues and not just individual mistakes.

Human factors consideration

ICAM places significant emphasis on human factors, understanding how human actions and behaviours interact with other factors to influence the incident. This human-centric approach helps design better processes and procedures to minimise the risk of future errors.

Learning opportunity

By thoroughly investigating incidents, organisations can learn valuable lessons from failures and use that knowledge to improve safety measures, operational procedures, and training protocols.

Improved safety culture

Encouraging ICAM investigations demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to safety and its willingness to address problems openly. This can lead to a stronger safety culture, where employees are more proactive in reporting incidents and hazards.

Legal and regulatory compliance

In certain industries, conducting comprehensive investigations following an incident is a legal or regulatory requirement. ICAM helps organisations fulfill these obligations effectively.

Collaboration and shared learning

ICAM investigations often involve a multidisciplinary team, including subject matter experts from different departments. Collaborative efforts facilitate shared learning and a broader understanding of potential risks across the organisation.

Objective analysis

ICAM strives to be impartial and objective during the investigation process. This ensures that conclusions are based on evidence and data, reducing bias and speculation.


While conducting detailed investigations may require initial resources, understanding the root causes of incidents can prevent costly recurrent problems and potential litigation in the long run.

Continuous improvement

ICAM encourages a proactive approach to safety, as findings from investigations can be used to drive continuous improvement initiatives, leading to a safer working environment.

Overall, an ICAM investigation provides a systematic, thorough, and human-focused approach to understanding incidents, helping organisations prevent similar occurrences in the future and promoting a culture of safety and continuous improvement.

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