My Top 3 Essential Safety System Elements

If you are looking to move the dial on safety and want to know where to start, you cannot go wrong with the following Top 3. Whether you have an existing system or you are developing a first-time system, you need a system that works and adds value.

The consequences of not having a management system which delivers for the organisation can be significant and broad ranging, from fatalities, life changing injury, loss of property, fines and prosecution. Every organisation is required by law to identify and mitigate risks as part of their way of working, and a system approach is the best way to meet these requirements.

With so many ideas and opinions available on the best approach, just where do you start?

Here is my Top 3.

Quality Leadership

The first and most important is the leadership of your people.

The ability to make the change you desire rests with the quality and commitment of the people within the organisation. Committed, well trained leaders with a plan, and support from Top Management, are essential to work through the issues that arise as they arise.

When selecting and developing your leaders it is important that the skills, experience and personal attributes of your leaders are aligned with your organisation’s risk profile. Make sure high-risk activities are led by diligent, consistent people who do not cut corners or rush.

“A team that is led well, has clear and available process, and team members who own their work, is the most important part of safety management”

Micheal Martin, FAICD, Managing Director

Documented Process

Don’t waste time or get tied up in any debate or potential frustration around what the documents are called, just focus on documenting the process, so it can be followed consistently and safely by team members. Once the process is documented it can be improved upon through collaboration with team members.

Whether you align with ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Management Systems, or have a less formal way of working, you will need to document key aspects of the work your people do every day. The greater the risk, the more formal and detailed this process may need to be.

Bring your people together to ensure participation from those who do the work as you create a more tailored, efficient “fit for purpose” way of working.

Check in with our safety experts to confirm you meet the requirements in your industry.

Ownership at all Levels

This is the critical element in any system.

Your level of ownership is directly linked to the quality of leadership at every level and the documented process within the system. If leadership or process are missing, work becomes inconsistent or encourages a “work around”. Reach out for our help.

As a leader of safety, don’t struggle with these issues. Contact our team to work through the barriers to success and build a plan which meets your needs and gets genuine results.

Ensure your people are assigned responsibility and have the skills at the frontline, operational and executive leadership levels, to do the job.

The way you work, interpret and maintain your system needs to be consistent to ensure consistency and efficiency. With the Proven Safety Skills development program your team members are aligned with your obligations and your way of working.

There is no better time than today when it comes to safety. Contact our team to discuss your needs in a confidential conversation. If you have any specific aspects, you’d like more information on or if you have further questions, reach out by clicking here!

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